Not That Tough, 2018

Installation with alginate jelly

60cm X 30cm

Stones are humble. Putting at the little corner and they are not being noticed. The stone looks like hard. Somebody likes to step on it and hurt it as it’s superficially tough. But it is not that tough. It could have wound, just like some of us.

The stones are not real and made with alginate jelly. They look like hard but actually are soft. Get closer and try to touch, are the ways to understand someone.

The Listener, 2018

Installation with carton box and audio devices

55cm X 60cm

The red box carries lots of things. It looks like full and satisfied. Nobody knows it has negative feelings unless you try to listen to it and stay with it. It may not tell you something that you want, or even it may tell you nothing. Feel what it feels, feel the environment between you and the red box. Keep it company though it may be just a short moment. Be a good listener for a short moment.